Is your course module ready? Great!

You have one more thing to do: publish the course module!

To do this, click on 'publish' at the top right, include a note if necessary and click on 'publish draft'.

Why publish?

If a participant has started a course module, this participant will continue to work in the version that was published when the participant started. This is to ensure that no data is lost. Imagine that you change one's score or delete a lesson. Frustrating for the participant who does not understand where his data has gone!

If the course module is adjusted (for example, because the author modifies questions and / or conditions in the lesson module), the participant is not bothered by this.

Reset progress

If you want to move the participants from an older version of the course module to the recent version, then the trainer must reset the progress.

Note: all progress will be reset. All answers will therefore also be deleted and the participant must follow the course module again.

You reset the progress by going to courses -> your course -> progress. Then click on the blue arrow on the right side of the participant that you want to reset.

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